Tests gasoline fuel injection pressure. Set includes pressure gauge, hoses, hook (for hookig gauge under the vehicles hood), a package of extension rubber tubes and clamps with 34 types of fuel valves with various sizes.

Ideal for testing Bosch CIS, GM TBI and other in line systems. Suitable for American, Asian, European and Australian cars. This set cannot be used on diesel engines.


  • 1: Turn off engine before test.
  • 2: For installation, hook the gauge under the hood. Connect the hose to the right hand of the gauge.
  • 3: Locate the fuel pressure port (the Schrader valve or fuel valve), select a correct size adapter from the set. Connect the adapter and the fuel pressure gauge. Make sure all connections are tightly attached without any possible leaks.
  • 4: Turn on engine and test the pressure at idle speed on the high pressure side of the system.
  • 5: Read the pressure and see if higher or lower than specified in manufactures service manual.
  • 6: Press the pressure release valve to release the remaining fuel.
Barcode # 9322159031102