(N) Jaws 20mm to 23mm for #9634 Bearing Extractor Set

Individual Sizes (Available Separately):

Item No. Description Size
9634-5 Collet spreader 5 mm
9634-6 Collet Spreader 6 mm
9634-10 Jaws 10mm to 12mm
9634-12 Jaws 12mm to 15mm
9634-15 Jaws 15mm to 17mm
9634-17 Jaws 17mm to 20mm
9634-20 Jaws 20mm to 23mm
9634-23 Jaws 23mm to 25mm
9634-25 Jaws 25mm to 27mm
9634-27 Jaws 27mm to 30mm
9634-SH Slide Hammer (1.4kg)