Features: Viton seals, fully welded pump construction, bronze bushes, chrome plated bore, one piece handle quick release hose coupling, screw type fittings. The complete body repair kit.

Push-Pull-Spread. Comes with a three shelf service cart for kit storage and transportation.

Note: Pump is not available separate however the TL3930 can be used as a suitable replacement

Set Contains (Available Separately):

Item No. Description Measurements
PP004A-2 1520mm (5'ft) Hydraulic  Hose with Fitting 1520mm
PP011B-3 10 Ton Hydraulic Ram with Fitting (screw style) 375mm long, 150mm (6") Stroke
PP010A-4 1/2 Ton Spreader Ram to suit to PP010A, PP004A and PP011B 50mm x 16mm thick at the tip
PP011B-5 635mm (25") Screw-On Extension Tube to suit PP011B Ø42mm x 635mm
PP011B-6 508mm (20") Screw-On Extension Tube to suit PP011B Ø42mm x 508mm
PP011B-7 255mm (10") Screw-On Extension Tube to suit PP011B Ø42mm x 255mm
PP011B-8 127mm (5")Screw-On  Extension Tube to suit PP011B  Ø42mm x 127mm
PP011B-9 Male Connector to suit PP011B (single unit) Ø42mm x 68mm
PP011B-10 Flat Base to suit PP011B 94 x 167mm and 27mm high
PP011B-11 90 Degree V Base to suit PP011B 61 x 61 x 53mm
PP011B-12 Wedge Head to suit PP011B Ø49mm x 113mm x 13mm at the tip
PP011B-13 Spreader Plunger Toe for to suit PP011B 60 x 110 x 16mm at the toe
PP011B-14 Spreader Ram Toe to suit PP011B 59 x 39 x 19mm thick
PP011B-15 Flex Head to suit PP011B Ø79mm x 80mm
PP011B-16 Serrated Saddle to suit PP011B Ø54mm x 33mm
PP011B-17 Female Connector to suit PP011B (single unit) Ø57mm x 53mm
PP011B-18 Lock Pin to suit PP011B (single unit)  
PP011B-19 Pull Ring to suit PP011B (single unit)  
PP011B-20 Offset Pull Toe to suit PP011B (single unit) 105 x 16mm x 81mm high
PP011B-21 Clamp Head to suit PP011B  
PP011B-22 Adjustable Toe to suit PP011B 62mm wide x 13mm at the tip 
PP011B-23 Spring Spreader Toe to suit PP011B Ø49mm x 122mm x 26mm
PP011B-24 Chain Pull Plate to suit PP011B 303 x 86mm 63mm high
PP011B-25 Clamp End Toe to suit PP011B 65mm x 137mm x 60mm high
PP011B-26 Pull Clamp to suit PP011B (single unit) max width 10mm
PP011B-27 Fender Clamp to suit PP011B (single unit) max width 13mm
PP011B-28 3/8" x 5Ft Chain & Hook to suit PP011B (single unit) 1524mm
PK006 5 Ton Pull Back Ram  
TS301 Three-Shelf Service Cart
Barcode # 9322159410679