Designed for use with thin wall sockets on recessed wheel nuts. Each extension bar is designed to limit the specified torque.

Wheel Torque Extensions Individual Sizes (Available Separately):

Item No. Size Torque Colour Length
E16065 1/2"Dr. 65ft/lb 90Nm Green 7"(180mm)
E16075 1/2"Dr. 75ft/lb 100Nm Black 7"(180mm)
E16080 1/2"Dr. 80ft/lb 110Nm Yellow 7"(180mm)
E16090 1/2"Dr. 90ft/lb 120Nm Red 7"(180mm)
E16100 1/2"Dr. 100ft/lb 135Nm Blue 7"(180mm)
E16110 1/2"Dr. 110ft/lb 150Nm Brown 7"(180mm)
E16120 1/2"Dr. 120ft/lb 160Nm Grey 7"(180mm)
E16130 1/2"Dr. 130ft/lb 175Nm Crimson 7"(180mm)
E16140 1/2"Dr. 140ft/lb 190Nm White 7"(180mm)
E16150 1/2"Dr. 150ft/lb 200Nm Aqua 7"(180mm)
E16175 1/2"Dr. 175ft/lb 240Nm Black 7"(180mm)
Barcode # 9322159606607