Due to the fact that most European truck manufacturer's design special spring eye bushes to prevent loosening and result in the difficulty to repair or do replacement without special tools. We have created this master kit to solve your problem.

Application: Volvo (FM12), Renault (340/450/460), MAN-TGA (410/414/460).


Description Specification  
12 T Hydraulic ram    
Tube Ø90 x 166mm  
Extracting Ring Ø74 x 20mm

MAN-TGA (410/414/460)

RENAULT (410/414/460)

Extracting Ring Ø64 x 20mm VOLVO FM12
Extracting Block Ø66 x 35 x 26mm MAN-TGA (410/414/460)
Extracting Block Ø59 x 34 x 26mm RENAULT (410/414/460)
Extracting Block Ø49 x 34 x 26mm VOLVO FM12
Clamp Body Ø143 x 54mm  
Clamp Block Ø68 x54mm MAN-TGA (410/414/460)
Clamp Block Ø60 x 54mm RENAULT (410/414/460)
Clamp Block Ø51 x 54mm VOLVO FM12
Inserting Block inner Ø42 x Ø57 tapered VOLVO FM12
Inserting Block inner Ø53 x Ø63 tapered RENAULT (410/414/460)
Inserting Block inner Ø60 x Ø78 tapered MAN-TGA (410/414/460)
Inserting Ring inner Ø59 x Ø79 tapered MAN-TGA (410/414/460)
Inserting Ring inner Ø52 x Ø59 RENAULT (410/414/460)
Inserting Ring inner Ø42 x Ø57 tappered VOLVO FM12
Threaded Rod M16x2.0 x 280mm  
Threaded Rod M16x2.0 x 195mm  
Barcode # 9322159711813