Magneto flywheel puller. Screw into flywheel, then apply force with centre screw to remove the flywheel from the tapered shaft.

Motorcycle Flywheel Drive Pullers (Available Separately):

Item No. Size Length
C1415 14mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH) 85mm
C1615 16mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH) 85mm
C1815 18mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH) 85mm
C1910 19mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH) 65mm
C2015 (2 Sizes) 20mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH)
27mm x 1.25 Pitch (RH)
C2215 (2 Sizes) 22mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH)
26mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH)
C2815 (2 Sizes) 28mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH) 65mm
C2610 (2 Sizes) 26mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH)
28mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH)
C2210 (2 Sizes) 22mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH)
25mm x 1.5 Pitch (RH)
C2410 (2 Sizes) 24mm x 1.0 Pitch (RH)
27mm x 1.0 Pitch (LH)