A master funnel set that be directly connected to oil filler neck on a vehicle eliminating oil spills
large opening to create a greater flow and a lower transparent section to see the oil flow into the engine. 

Set contents:
Universal expanding clamp with transparent chamber that can fit universally from 28mm-74mm
Red funnel
Blue funnel
Bottle Piercer

Item No. Description Size 
CS Chrsler Adaptor  31mm
FR Ford/Mazda Adaptor 33.5mm
GM GM/Holden Adaptor 35.3mm
HD Honda Adaptor 32mm x 3.5p
TY Toyota/Lexus  Adaptor 37mm x 3.0p
SB Yellow Adaptor for Subaru 42mm 4.5p  
RA Red Adaptor for Mercedes-Benz/BMW/VAG 37mm x 3.0p, clip 30mm
VW Black Adaptor for VW 37mm x 3.0p, clip 34mm
VW-3B Twist Shape for Audi and VW  
EA Extended Adaptor 32mm x 3.5p 150 degree angle
Barcode # 9322159921106