Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) hammers are certified safety tools for use where there is a risk of sparks causing explosion, fire etc.

The Beryllium additive to the copper enables the hammers to reach a hardness equivalent to normal hammers without the danger of creating sparks.

They are also non magnetic and are corrosion resistant. Copper Beryllium heads are securely fixed to extra strong fiberglass handles.

T&E Tools Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) Non Sparking Safety Hammers

Item No. Copper Hammers Weight (lbs) Weight (gm) Length
CB186-1002 Cu-Be Engineer Cross Pein 1.1 lbs 500gm 310mm
CB186-1004 Cu-Be Engineer Cross Pein 2.2 lbs 1000gm 340mm
CB189-1004 Cu-Be Cross Pein Hammer 0.66 lbs 300gm 330mm
CB192-1002 Cu-Be Testing Hammer 0.33 lbs 150gm 300mm
CB192-1004 Cu-Be Testing Hammer 0.55 lbs 250gm 335mm
CB190-1002 Cu-Be Scaling Hammer 0.33 lbs 150gm 330mm
CB190-1004 Cu-Be Scaling Hammer 0.66 lbs 300gm 350mm
CB187-1002 Cu-Be Ball Pein Hammer 0.5 lbs 230gm 280mm
CB187-1004 Cu-Be Ball Pein Hammer 0.75 lbs 340gm 280mm
CB187-1006 Cu-Be Ball Pein Hammer 1 lbs 450gm 310mm
CB187-1008 Cu-Be Ball Pein Hammer 1.5 lbs 680gm 340mm
CB187-1010 Cu-Be Ball Pein Hammer 2 lbs 910gm 350mm
CB185-1002 Cu-Be Claw Hammer 0.5 lbs 230gm 280mm
CB185-1004 Cu-Be Claw Hammer 1 lbs 450gm 300mm
CB185-1006 Cu-Be Claw Hammer 1.5 lbs 680gm 330mm
CB191-1008 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 3.3 lbs 1500gm 400mm
CB191-1012 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 4.4 lbs 2000gm 400mm
CB191-1016 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 5.5 lbs 2500gm 900mm
CB191-1020 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 6.6 lbs 3000gm 900mm
CB191-1024 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 8.75 lbs 4000gm 900mm
CB191-1028 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 10.94 lbs 5000gm 900mm
CB191-1036 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 17.5 lbs 8000gm 900mm
CB191-1040 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 19.9 lbs 9100gm 900mm
CB191-1042 Cu-Be Sledge Hammer 21.65 lbs 9900gm 900mm
Barcode # 9322159514575