Features: Viton seals, fully welded pump construction, bronze bushes, chrome plated bore, one piece handle, quick release hose coupling, screw type fittings. The complete body repair kit. Comes with a three shelf service cart for kit storage and transportation.

Set Contains (Available Separately):

Item No. Description
PU070W Hydraulic Hand Pump
PP004A-2 6ft Hydraulic Hose
PP020B-3 20 Ton Ram 5" Stroke
PP020B-4 25" Screw-On Ext. Tube
PP020B-5 20" Screw-On Ext. Tube
PP020B-6 10" Screw-On Ext. Tube
PP020B-7 5" Screw-On Ext. Tube
PP020B-8 Lock Pin
PP020B-9 Male Connector (ea)
Item No. Description
PP020B-10 Threaded Coupling (ea)
PP020B-11 Plunger Base (ea)
PP020B-12 Toe Lift
PP020B-13 "V" Head
PP020B-14 Wedge Head
PP020B-15 Serrated Saddle
PP020B-16 Metal Box (ea)
TS301 3-Shelf Service Cart
Barcode # 9322159419207