Wrenches feature extra slim open end jaws required for servicing on trucks, tractors and hydraulic lines etc. They are forged from chrome alloy steel and the short handles with narrow jaws enable them to reach inaccessible areas.

Please note: Due to the finish of this item not being to the high standard we expected, we have placed it at a clearance price.
The product is still new with good quality but does not have T&E Tools logo on it.

Individual Sizes (Available Separately):

Item No. Wrench Size Length
S9020M 20mm Open End 165mm
S9021M 21mm Open End 165mm
S9022M 22mm Open End 165mm
S9023M 23mm Open End 165mm
S9024M 24mm Open End 172mm
S9026M 26mm Open End 172mm
S9027M 27mm Open End 178mm
S9028M 28mm Open End 181mm
Item No. Wrench Size Length
S9029M 29mm Open End 181mm
S9030M 30mm Open End 184mm
S9032M 32mm Open End 184mm
S9033M 33mm Open End 190mm
S9034M 34mm Open End 197mm
S9035M 35mm Open End 200mm
S9036M 36mm Open End 203mm