1. Innovative "Split Beam" torque measuring mechanism requires only fingertip force to adjust. Adjust from the bottom of the scale to the top of the scale in seconds.

2. There is no need to reset the tool to the bottom of the scale after use since there is no spring under tension.

3. Rugged, all-steel construction resists industrial fluids and counters abuse found in demanding environments.

4. There is no need to "work-in" a C-Series click wrench. The first click is as accurate as click number 1000.

5. Ergonomic handle provides more comfort and reduces fatigue.

6. Locking mechanism prevents accidental adjustment of torque setting.

Square Drive, inches: 3/8" Drive.
Head Style: Flex-Ratchet
Range: Min - 14Nm, Max - 68 Nm.
Length: 450mm.

Barcode # 9322159673074