Tool Chest Includes:

Conv. 45Deg.Circlip Pliers 200mm x .070"

10" Box Joint Multigrip Pliers

10" Curved Jaw Locking Grip Pliers

0-24V Circuit Tester

Strap Type Filter Wrench

3Pc. SAE Flare Nut Wrench Set

8Pc Ignition Wrench Set Metric

8Pc. SAE Open End Ignition Wrench Set

24" 20 Lb.per Inch Magnetic Tool Bar

Master Feeler Gauge

24 Oz. Ball Pein Hammer

S/Steel 4Pc. "O-Ring" Pick Set

17Pc. Punch & Chisel Set

30mm x 500gm. Soft Face Hammer 18oz

18" D/Ended Jimmy Bar

12mm 1.6Kg S/S.Telescopic Pick-Up Magnet

12" Adjustable Wrench With Scale

6" Super-Satin Adjustable Wrench

8" Super-Satin Adjustable Wrench

11Pc SAE Combination Wrench Set

11Pc. Metric Combination Wrench Set

13/16" x 3/8"Dr. Spark Plug Skt

1/2"Dr. Speed Brace

73Pc. 1/4"Dr. 6Pt Std & Deep SAE/Metric Skt Set

56Pc. 3/8"Dr. 6Pt Std & Deep SAE/Metric Skt Set

3Pc. Metric Flare Nut Wrench Set 9x11,13x14,16x18mm

Gasket Scraper ROC

6 x 100mm Electric Insl. Screwdriver

6Pc. Precision Screwdriver Set

30Pc. Acetate Screwdriver & Hex Bit Set

6Pc Metric Long Ring Wrench Set

6Pc SAE Long Ring Wrench Set

40Pc. Spine/Torx-R & In-Hex Bit Set

Quick-Pro Utility Hacksaw

8 Pc.Long Arm Hex Key Set 5/64"-3/8"

8Pc. Long Arm Hex Key Set 2 To 10mm

7" H/D Diagonal Cutting Pliers

8" Combination Pliers

8" Long Nose Pliers

1/4 to 15/16" SAE Tube Spanner Set

6 to 22mm Metric Tube Spanner Set

32" Wall Cabinet with Ball Bearing Drawer - Red w/#HK42

42Pc Hook Kit Accessory Pack for WC32xx and GF7601xx Series