Magnetic Holder Fitted On Back, Forth Led Located In the End Of Work Light for Torch Use

New innovative 3 LED hemispherical lens design technology means 3 LED High-Power Work Light illuminates a wider work area more brightly and more evenly with no hot spots, dim spots or irritating rings.

Exceeds the light output of a 75 watt incandescent light globe. 3 Special LED's give a true 15,000 hours life span against normal LED's that give up to 2,000 hours only.

Forth LED fitted on end. Its built shop-tough with a non slip grip, shock-proof housing, a replaceable polycarbonate lens shield and replaceable 360° swivel hook and a replaceable and rechargeable super strength NiMH battery.

Includes: AC/DC charger, 12 Volt charger, magnetic holder and two way switch for work light or flash light.

Replacement Parts:

  • HR1103-1 Lens Shield.
  • HR1103-2 Swivel Hook.
  • HR1103-3 NiMH Battery 2,500 milliamp hours.
Barcode # 9322159599114