Features colour coded, toughened genuine Acetate handles which are made in USA, chrome molybdenum steel blades with satin chrome finish shafts with black phosphate finish tips which are made in Taiwan.

Acetate Handle Master Screwdriver Set (Items Available Separately):

Item No. Description Sizes
A73075 Slotted 3.5 x 75mm
A74100 Slotted 4 x 100mm
A75150 Slotted 5 x 125mm
A76038 Slotted 6 x 38mm
A76100 Slotted 6 x 100mm
A76150 Slotted 6 x 150mm
A78150 Slotted 8 x 150mm
A79250 Slotted 9.5 x 250mm
A80074 Phillips #0 x 60mm
A81038 Phillips #1 x 38mm
A81075 Phillips #1 x 80mm
A82038 Phillips #2 x 38mm
A82150 Phillips #2 x 150mm
A83200 Phillips #3 x 200mm
A73875 Insulated Slotted 3.5 x 75mm
A75850 Insulated Slotted 5 x 125mm
Barcode # 9322159341003