Forged oval shape striking ends of the punch allows the maximum contact with the race. Specially design to use for removal and installation of bearing races in axle hubs. Made from high quality alloy steel and with wide punch face to allow maximum contact surface area with the bearing race.

Use a hammer and punch to carefully punch out each race from the other side of the hub, alternately tapping at one indent and then the other.

4 Piece Bearing Punch Set (Available Separately):

Item No. Description Length
8414-A 11mm x 6mm (7/16'' x 15/64'') Oval Punch 150mm (6")
8414-B 13mm x 7mm (1/2" x 17/64'') Oval Punch 250mm (10")
8414-C 15mm x 8mm (19/32'' x 5/16") Oval Punch 350mm (14")
8414-D 17mm x 9mm (43/64" x 23/64'') Oval Punch 500mm (20")
Barcode # 9322159084146