Re-face the diesel injector seat in order for the new or reconditioned injector to be fitted correctly to the cleaned and recut seat.

This avoids the high risk of "blow-by" caused by the build up of carbon deposits and the effects of corrosion. Suitable for all modern common rail diesel engines. Includes a special reamer cutter for cleaning the injector base.

Available Separately:

Item No. Description Suitability
4043-01 15 x 19mm Flat Reamer Universal application
4043-02 17 x 17mm Angled Reamer Mercedes Benz CDI
4043-03 17 x 17mm Flat Reamer Delphi / Bosch Injectors BMW, PSA, Renault, Ford
4043-04 17 x 19mm Flat reamer Bosch Injectors (Mercedes CRD)
4043-05 17 x 21mm Angled Reamer Fiat / Iveco
4043-06 19 x 19mm Injector Cleaner Reamer Universal application
4043-07 7mm Pilot Post
4043-08 T-Handle Driver
Barcode # 9322159940435