40 To 110mm Capacity

This bearing extractor kit can remove bearings without the need to dismantle machinery or remove the running shaft. Positive seating allows an even tension on the inner and outer bearing rings, reducing friction and resistance. Three pairs of ball type extractor heads are supplied.

  • Sizes: 9mm, 11mm, 12.5mm.
  • Cross Block Length: 5.1/2" (140mm).
  • Main Pulling Rods: 8" (200mm).
  • Forcing Screw: 5/8" UNF x 18tpi x 8.1/2" (215mm) Long.
  • Spread: 1.9/16" to 4.11/32" (40 to 110mm).
  • Reach: 16.3/8" (415mm).
Barcode # 9322159996326