Designed for heavy work where precise driving application is required. Can be used on parts requiring hard blows without damaging, marring or sparking. Solid copper heads are securely fixed to extra strong fiberglass handles.

Brass Hammers

Item No. Description Weight (lbs) Weight (gm) Length
B2101-1010 Brass Sledge Hammer 4.4 lbs 2000gm 400gm
B2101-1012 Brass Sledge Hammer 6.6 lbs 3000gm 900mm
B2109-1002 Brass Sledge Mallet 8 lbs 4500gm 900mm
B2109-1004 Brass Sledge Mallet 10 lbs 5400gm 900mm
B2109-1006 Brass Sledge Mallet 15 lbs 6800gm 900mm
Barcode # 9322159821086