T&E Tools Cup Style Oil Filter Wrenches, Made from alloy steel, withstand up to 85ft/lbs of torque. The fluted cup style grips firmly on the flutes eliminating crushing of the filter.

Available Separately:

Item No. Diameter Flutes Drive Vehicle
HC2706A 27mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes
HC3206A 32mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes, GM
HC3606A 36mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes, VW, Cooper S
HC7614A 76mm 14 Flutes 3/8" New Mercedes
HC75614A 75.6mm 14 Flutes 3/8" New Mercedes
HC8616A 86mm 16 Flutes 3/8" Volvo
HC7612A 76mm 12 Flutes 3/8" Honda, Opel, Ducato, Renault
HC9315A 93mm 15 Flutes 3/8" Volvo, VW, Audi, Nissan, Porsche
HC4228K 21mm Offset Wrench Handle
Barcode # 9322159564020