Part of item 2-1740 Hendrickson Suspension Tooling Set, for servicing centre and end beam bushings.

Part of Item 2-1740 (Available Separately):

Item Item No. Description
A A44119 Receiving Tube
B A51678 80-Ton Cylinder
C A51695 Jack Cart
D B206457 Press Adaptor
E B206459 Clamp Plate
F B303839 Hydraulic Hose
G B302018 Spacer (2)
H B302019 Receiving Adaptor
J B302021 Receiving Adaptor
K B302023 Pulling Screw
L B302026 Installing Adaptor
M B302027 Removing Adaptor
N B302028 Hex Nut
O B302029 Speed Nut
P B302030 Removing Adaptor
Q B302031 Installing Adaptor
R B302032 Removing Adaptor
S B302401 Spacer Ring (3)
T A42052 Inst. Adaptor Clamp
Barcode # 9322159691603