Features five different hardened splitter bodies and specially tempered replaceable blades with a 10 ton hydraulic ram. This tool is designed to split seized hex nuts from the smallest size up to 1.7/8" (48mm) across the flats without damage to bolt or stud thread.

Ram Length: 10.5/16" (262mm).

Hydraulic Nut Splitters (Available Separately):

Item No. Description
YC2001 Splitter 1" Bolt Cap
YC2002 Splitter 3/4" Bolt Cap
YC2003 Splitter 5/8" Bolt Cap
YC2004 Splitter 1/2" Bolt Cap
YC2005 Splitter 3/8" Bolt Cap
YC2006 Ram Attachment
YC2007 Bush Attachment
Item No. Description
YC2008 1" Replacement Blade
YC2009 3/4" Replacement Blade
YC2010 5/8" Replacement Blade
YC2011 1/2" Replacement Blade
YC2012 3/8" Replacement Blade
YC8000A 10 Ton Hydraulic Ram
YC8000A-R Repair Kit for YC8000A
Barcode # 9322159652000