Remove gears, bearing cones, and all other parts that puller jaws cannot reach behind. The two knife edge plates are flush one side to ease the pull and reduce the risk of damage to the part. With the advantage of hydraulic power.

Hydraulic Separator Puller Kit (Items Available Separately):

Item No. Description Quantity In Kit
YC9025 Bearing Separator 150mm cap 1
YC705-A 2-Way Cross Block 250mm x 65mm 1
YC8000 Hydraulic Ram 10 Ton 1
YC705-B Main Rod 180mm x 5/8" x 11tp 2
YC705-C External Rod 180mm x 5/8" x 11tpi 2
YC705-D Stepped Plate Adaptor 1
YC705-E Metal Case 1
YC709-E 1" Ram Exension Cap 1
YC709-E1 2" (50mm) Ram Extension 1
YC709-E2 4" (100mm) Ram Extension 1
Barcode # 9322159608205