Allows technician to bleed master cylinders on or off the vehicle. Aluminium fittings tightly seal both ISO and inverted flair master cylinder ports.

Check valves stop back flow of fluid, eliminating trapped air in cylinder. Red coloured fittings are for metric sizes. Blue coloured fittings are for imperial sizes.

Special thread gauge identifies thread type and size. Clear vinyl hose allows viewing of air bubbles as the cylinder is bled. Special hose clip holds return hose in master cylinder.

Fits most vehicles with imperial or metric fittings, can also be used to bleed most hydraulic clutch cylinders.

Kit includes metric and imperial adaptors:

Quantity Size
2 3/8" x 24tpi
1 7/16" x 24tpi
2 1/2" x 20tpi
1 9/16" x 18tpi
1 9/16" x 20tpi
4 10mm x 1.00
2 10mm x 1.25
1 11mm x 1.50
2 12mm x 1.00
Quantity Item
1 12mm x 1.50
1 13mm x 1.50
4 Check Valves
4 20" Urethane Tubes
1 Tube Holder
1 Thread Gauge
1 Instruction Sheet
1 Carry Case
Barcode # 9322159016253