(N) Mercedes 722.9 Transmission Thread Adaptor for #K10A

Transmission Oil Filling Adaptors (Available Separately):

Item No. Description Length
AT105 Straight Adaptor 100mm Long x 10mm Diameter (10 x 1mm Thread)
AT104 Bent Adaptor 150mm Long x 10mm Diameter (VW, Audi, Porche)
AT103 Bent Adaptor 150mm Long x 10mm Diameter (VW, Audi)
AT102 Bent Adaptor 140mm Long x 10mm Diameter (Universal)
AT101 Straight Adaptor 122mm Long x 1/8NPT (Ford)
AT106 Thread Adaptor Mercedes 722.9 12 x 1.5mm
AT107 DSG Thread Adaptor VW / Audi DSG 24 x 1.5mm
AT108 Thread Adaptor VW / Audi CVT 22 x 1.5mm
AT109 Special Adaptor To Suit Volvo 5/16" x 24tpi
AT110 Special Adaptor To Suit Toyota / Lexus 18 x 1.5mm
AT111 Special Adaptor To Suit Skoda 18 x 1.5mm
Barcode # 9322159876062