Needle Point Adaptor (For uni-joints).

Grease Nipple Service Kit Contains (Available Separately):

Item No. Description
5695-A 12" (300mm) Hose with Coupler
5695-B Long Needle-Nose Grease Adaptor
5695-C Short Needle-Nose Grease Adaptor
5695-D H/Duty Grease Gun Coupler (4000psi)
5695-E Push-On Adaptor (For recessed fittings)
5695-F Seal-Off Dispenser (Rubber tip)
5695-G Needle Point Adaptor (For uni-joints)
5695-H Right Angle Grease Coupler
5695-I Grease Gun Coupler with Ball (3000psi)
9910 Zerk Grease Fitting Tool (Clearing Tool)
Barcode # 9322159756975