All Imperial Gauges are Permanently Etched On Each Blade with Metric Equivalents

Gauges are made from the finest grade steel and are hardened and tempered to withstand long wear. All gauges are equipped with knurled lock-nuts.

Contains: Twenty four 12" x 1/2"(300 x 13mm) blades of the following thicknesses:

.0015"(0.04mm) .006"(0.15mm) .010"(0.25mm) .014"(0.36mm) .018"(0.46mm) .025"(0.64mm)
.002"(0.05mm) .007"(0.18mm) .011"(0.28mm) .015"(0.38mm) .019"(0.48mm) .027"(0.69mm)
.004"(0.10mm) .008"(0.20mm) .012"(0.30mm) .016"(0.41mm) .020"(0.51mm) .030"(0.76mm)
.005"(0.13mm) .009"(0.23mm) .013"(0.33mm) .017"(0.43mm) .021"(0.53mm) .040"(1.02mm)

Length: 12.1/2"(320mm)

Barcode # 9322159077506