Our range of high quality wrenches from your standard Combination through to our Pipe, Chain and “C” wrenches are all made with 304 stainless steel. Ideal anywhere non-magnetic, anti-corrosive stainless steel tools are required including food, healthcare industries.

Stainless Steel Combination Wrench

T&E No. Size Length Material Weight(kg)
SS60606 6mm 105mm 304SS 0.018
SS60707 7mm 120mm 304SS 0.040
SS60808 8mm 120mm 304SS 0.040
SS60909 9mm 135mm 304SS 0.045
SS61010 10mm 135mm 304SS 0.045
SS61111 11mm 150mm 304SS 0.065
SS61212 12mm 150mm 304SS 0.065
SS61313 13mm 175mm 304SS 0.090
SS61414 14mm 175mm 304SS 0.090
SS61515 15mm 195mm 304SS 0.140
SS61616 16mm 195mm 304SS 0.140
SS61717 17mm 195mm 304SS 0.140
SS61818 18mm 215mm 304SS 0.180
SS61919 19mm 215mm 304SS 0.180
SS62020 20mm 215mm 304SS 0.180
SS62121 21mm 245mm 304SS 0.280
SS62222 22mm 245mm 304SS 0.280
SS62323 23mm 265mm 304SS 0.320
SS62424 24mm 265mm 304SS 0.320
SS62727 27mm 290mm 304SS 0.430
SS63030 30mm 320mm 304SS 0.530
SS63232 32mm 340mm 304SS 0.780
Barcode # 9322159606799