Our range of high quality wrenches from your standard Combination through to our Pipe, Chain and “C” wrenches are all made with 304 stainless steel. Ideal anywhere non-magnetic, anti-corrosive stainless steel tools are required including food, healthcare industries.

Stainless Steel Double Ended Long Ring Wrench

T&E No. Size Length Material Weight(kg)
SS60810 8*10mm 190mm 304SS 0.055
SS60911 9*11mm 200mm 304SS 0.085
SS61012 10*12mm 200mm 304SS 0.085
SS61213 12*13mm 220mm 304SS 0.151
SS61416 14*16mm 255mm 304SS 0.205
SS61517 15*17mm 255mm 304SS 0.205
SS61719 17*19mm 280mm 304SS 0.225
SS62224 22*24mm 330mm 304SS 0.455
SS62427 24*27mm 340mm 304SS 0.520
SS62730 27*30mm 350mm 304SS 0.705
SS63032 30*32mm 370mm 304SS 0.805
Barcode # 9322159606898