Our range of hex keys are die forged for strength and made with 304 stainless steel. Ideal anywhere non-magnetic, anti-corrosive stainless steel tools are required including food, healthcare industries.

T&E No. Size Length Material Weight(kg)
SS6303 1.5mm 59mm 304SS 0.008
SS6304 2mm 59mm 304SS 0.008
SS6305 2.5mm 59mm 304SS 0.008
SS6306 3mm 59mm 304SS 0.008
SS6308 4mm 65mm 304SS 0.010
SS6310 5mm 79mm 304SS 0.016
SS6312 6mm 85mm 304SS 0.025
SS6315 7mm 88mm 304SS 0.034
SS6316 8mm 92mm 304SS 0.050
SS6318 9mm 97mm 304SS 0.061
SS6320 10mm 110mm 304SS 0.082
SS6322 11mm 119mm 304SS 0.100
SS6324 12mm 130mm 304SS 0.145
SS6326 13mm 140mm 304SS 0.180
SS6328 14mm 150mm 304SS 0.211
Barcode # 9322159068610