Special 17mm (MS17) "flower style" socket to suit Mercedes Benz.

Special thin wall deep impact socket, fitted with protective sleeve and rubber insert to prevent the marking of alloy wheels and also protect the chrome wheel nuts.

1/2" Drive Deep Thin Wall Sockets (Available Separately):

Item No. Deep Thin Wall Socket Length Replacement Sleeve
CW404-MB MS17 "flower style" 85mm CW404-17SV 
CW404-HK 21mm "flower style" 85mm CW404-21SV 
CW404-15 15mm 85mm CW404-15SV 
CW404-17 17mm 85mm CW404-17SV 
CW404-19 19mm 85mm CW404-19SV 
CW404-21 21mm 85mm CW404-21SV 
CW404-22 22mm 85mm CW404-22SV 
Barcode # 9322159804270