This tool speeds up the cumbersome, awkward job of replacing welsh plugs. It drives them into place securely eliminating the need to remove engines, mounts or to cut fire walls.

Available Separately:

Item No. Description
4918-1 16" Bent Freeze Plug Driver
4918-2 Coupling Nut
4918-3 20mm x 35mm Adaptor
4918-4 25mm x 35mm Adaptor
4918-5 30mm x 41mm Adaptor
Item No. Description
4918-6 35mm x 45mm Adaptor
4918-7 40mm x 50.5mm Adaptor
4918-8 45mm x 60mm Adaptor
4918-9 50mm x 60mm Adaptor
4916 Welsh Plug Puller
Barcode # 9322159036978