Made from alloy steel, wrench can with-stand up to 85ft/lbs of torque. The fluted cup style grips firmly on the flutes eliminating crushing of the filter. Nine wrenches to suit European vehicles, plus 21mm offset wrench.

Set Contains (Available Separately):

Item No. Diameter Flutes Drive Vehicle
HC2706A 27mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes
HC3206A 32mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes, GM
HC3606A 36mm 6 Flutes 3/8" Mercedes, VW, Cooper S
HC7614A 76mm 14 Flutes 3/8" New Mercedes
HC75614A 75.6mm 14 Flutes 3/8" New Mercedes
HC8616A 86mm 16 Flutes 3/8" Volvo
HC7612A 76mm 12 Flutes 3/8" Honda, Opel, Ducato, Renault
HC9315A 93mm 15 Flutes 3/8" Volvo, VW, Audi, Nissan, Porsche
HC4228K 21mm Offset Wrench Handle
Barcode # 9322159942927